Do you really want to know the true definition of a successful online entrepreneur? Well, Dan Anton is just a living proof. Dan Anton is an Army veteran who has achieved success as an online marketer and SEO expert. After experiencing a combat injury in 2008, which forced him to leave his first love of serving his country, he discovered a new career online – in fact, he made over a million dollars within few months of venturing into online business.

Over the years, Dan has earned a huge reputation in his online business world through his software as a service (SaaS) products, which focuses on Search Engine Optimization. SEO is an indispensable element of internet marketing business or web based solutions provider. Dan developed various cutting edge SEO software to automate many of the repetitive tasks related to organic marketing and has grown his SaaS empire to over 30,000 recurring monthly clients.

As a retired military veteran, Dan Anton applied his military experience and his sound academic background in computer science to automate much of the demanding, mindless tasks associated with Search Engine Optimization and indexing web pages, most commonly by embedding links, creating content, and the syndication of the content. These types of tasks were conventionally performed by humans, significantly reducing costs, freeing up human labor for more high-end projects such as acquiring new clients, or networking, and achieving a very high success rate in indexation by major search engines with staying power to remain indexed.

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At the initial stage, Dan Anton SEO software was used internally to drive traffic and increase ranking for a video game social networking website, known as CharacterPlanet, in 2006, which is no longer in existence. After ranking the website on the first page for top competitive keywords such as online gaming, mmo, gaming, and mmorpg, Dan came to realize he had a service that could be replicated and beneficial to businesses looking for real-world business leads generation, and not ordinary video game traffic. The website attracted thousands of unique visitors a day and was later hacked, became non-functional, and gradually fizzled out.  This had accidentally birthed to what would become the largest international SEO service, under the control of Dan Anton.

Dan Anton has attracted to himself thousands of loyal SEO software associates. He got bombarded with requests to manage marketing campaigns personally. Understanding the need for a customer agency, speaking direct to clients, he launched his Atlanta SEO company. The agency offers online marketing services, from birth to death, with a primary focus on personalization, with a one-on-one consultation by an expert colleague in the agency. Return On Investment (ROI) topics of discussion include conversions, web design, proper SEO, and scaling with Pay Per Click (PPC).  By combining technical aspects of Search Engine Optimization with humanity (media, video, case studies), the company has quickly risen to dominate Georgia as a full-service digital marketing provider. Whether mass promotions or humanity based marketing, SEO is a critical component to organizing the world’s data, as webmasters and search engines align their values and mission statements.




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